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Sweet Lips

On a nice summer day in 2014 I threw these ingredients together and named it Sweet Lips. Great color and sweet taste makes it a straightforward summer drink.   Whats in it? 5 cl dark rum 2 cl Cointreau (or another orange liqueur) 2 cl fresh lime 1 tsp sugar 3 pcs strawberries 4 mint Leaves   Then what? –…


Cucumber Yum Yum

Another drink by Hardeep Rehal. This cocktail earned him the Danish Championship in cocktail making in 2009. The original version uses raspberries.   Whats in it? 4 cl good gin 2 cl aquavit (i.e. http://www.aalborgakvavit.dk/sortiment/aalborg-export-akvavit.aspx) 2 cl fresh lime 3 cl Acacia Honey 4 slices of fresh cucumber 2-4 strawberries or raspberries   Then what? – Throw the cucumber and…