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Cucumber Yum Yum

Another drink by Hardeep Rehal. This cocktail earned him the Danish Championship in cocktail making in 2009. The original version uses raspberries.   Whats in it? 4 cl good gin 2 cl aquavit (i.e. http://www.aalborgakvavit.dk/sortiment/aalborg-export-akvavit.aspx) 2 cl fresh lime 3 cl Acacia Honey 4 slices of fresh cucumber 2-4 strawberries or raspberries   Then what? – Throw the cucumber and…

square 569


This easy cocktail named after the famous Abba singer Anni-Frid only has a few ingredients. Seen in Sweet Paul Magazine and slightly adjusted. – Start with muddling some fresh berries of your own choice and a rosemary sprig in a glass. – Add the juice from 1/2 lime. – Add 2 cl simple syrup (it’s just equal amounts sugar and water boiled and…


Extreme Prejudice

But whats in it? 6 cl Rum 1 handful raspberries 2 cl lime juice 1 cl cane sugar 6-7 basil leaves A hint of pepper   What now? Ad basil, raspberries, lime juice and sugar in a low glass. Squeeze everything with a mortler or similar to get out the flavors. Fill up with ice and ad rum. If you…