Kahlua (homemade)

If you need a really good Kahlua, why not try to make it yourself. Here comes a good recipe for a bottle of the finest Kahlua for your next The Big Lebowsky theme night. The Dude will love this stuff.

All you need to make a bottle Kahlua substitute:

350 ml Dark Rum

500 ml. strong quality coffee (I used twice the normal strength)

1 fresh vanilla bean (split and take out vanilla)

2 dl sugar

Now what?

– Make the coffee in a pot and dissolve sugar and vanilla in it.

– Let it cool a little and add the rum. Pour into your nicest bottle and seal it.

– Leave it be for about three weeks in a dark place but shake it a bit whenever you pass it

The good thing about this homemade Kahlua is the freshness. Keep it in the refrigerator in an airtight glass-bottle and it will last longer. Maybe a year or two?

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