A perfect Gin-Tonic

Preparation is key if you want to create the perfect Gin-Tonic


– 50 ml of your favorite gin

– 100 ml Tonic Water. Do yourself a favor and buy a couple of high quality tonics like “Fever Tree” or “1724” (That’s sooo much better than Schweppes in my opinion).

– Two lime wedges (1 wedge is 1/8 lime)

Start by rolling your lime on a chopping board with the palm of your hand for 10 strokes. This will massage the fruit to release the juices. You will be able to get more juice from each wedge. Cut lime into 8 wedges (cut across the segments). Unused wedges goes into freezer in a plastic bag. They are ready to be used next time as lime flavored ice cubes.

Next take one of your perfectly cut lime wedges and between thumb and forefinger, squeeze into the bottom of the low-ball glass then drop in the wedge. Pour in 50 ml of your favorite gin. If you don’t have a jigger (for measuring 50 ml) then use the cap. This measures app. 15 ml – measure out 3-4 of these.

Now, fill the glass to the top with ice then stir for a few seconds with a spoon. Then pour 100 ml Tonic over the ice. Stir for a couple of revolutions to mix the drink and create a consistent flavor. If needed, add more ice cubes to bring the water line to around 1 cm from the top of the glass (not more tonic) then add a second lime wedge (not squeezed) perfectly positioned on the top to add aroma and visual appeal, but little extra flavor.

That’s it – your own perfect Gin-Tonic


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