This easy-to-do cocktail can be made in two different versions – Let’s call them “His and Hers. The first one is summer sweet (Hers) – a perfect treat on a warm summer day. The other one has a little more bite to it (His) and a more rummy taste.

Whats in it?

– 5 cl rum. Any rum will do. No need to waste your best rum in a cocktail. I prefer dark rum in fruity cocktails.

– 125 ml fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. About one half grapefruit. No terrible grapefruit substitute, for crying out load.

– 2,5 cl Triple Sec (i.e. Cointreau)

– About 125 ml. Ginger Ale (For his version, leave out the Ginger Ale, or limit it dramatically)


Mix all ingredients sauf the Ginger Ale. Shake it cold in a shaker if you like or use a stirrer in the glass. Fill up the glass with Ginger Ale.


As seen on: Pastry Affair


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