Sweet Bite

Very inspired by the Sunny Winter Cocktail by www.thesweetestoccation.com I present to you Sweet Bite – True to it’s name it is sweet with a small after-burn from the Tequila and the pinch of Cayenne. Really a straight forward cocktail with a surprise and only a few ingredients.

Whats in it?

The juice of two oranges incl. pulp. Don’t use bottled orange juice just because it is easy – Go Fresh

5 cl Tequila

5 cl Triple Sec (Orange Liqueur i.e. Cointreau)

A pinch of Cayenne

Salt (only for the rim)

Then what?

Throw all ingredients in the shaker and shake like you mean it. At the same time but with the other hand – coat the rim of the glass with salt. If you don’t have a shaker, don’t despair – Stir it up in a big glass. Serve over ice and if you feel artistic, use a little orange peel for garnish.



Sweet Bite 2                           Sweet Bite 3

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