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Cruising in Cuba… Try one of my Rum-cocktails

Square 569

Dark n’ Stormy

A nice summer drink some say. I say, drink it all year round. Fresh Ginger makes it very easy going and drinkable. The original recipe calls for Ginger beer, but you can also use Ginger Ale. Ingredients: 6 cl rum (dark and tasty) 1 cl fresh lime juice Top of with ginger beer or ginger ale. App 4-8 cl Lots…


Sweet Lips

On a nice summer day in 2014 I threw these ingredients together and named it Sweet Lips. Great color and sweet taste makes it a straightforward summer drink.   Whats in it? 5 cl dark rum 2 cl Cointreau (or another orange liqueur) 2 cl fresh lime 1 tsp sugar 3 pcs strawberries 4 mint Leaves   Then what? –…



This easy-to-do cocktail can be made in two different versions – Let’s call them “His and Hers. The first one is summer sweet (Hers) – a perfect treat on a warm summer day. The other one has a little more bite to it (His) and a more rummy taste. Whats in it? – 5 cl rum. Any rum will do.…


Extreme Prejudice

But whats in it? 6 cl Rum 1 handful raspberries 2 cl lime juice 1 cl cane sugar 6-7 basil leaves A hint of pepper   What now? Ad basil, raspberries, lime juice and sugar in a low glass. Squeeze everything with a mortler or similar to get out the flavors. Fill up with ice and ad rum. If you…